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Using Affirmations To Attract What You Want

A lot of people in this law of attraction field use affirmations. Affirmations are short mantras to affirm to yourself that the things that you want to happen are already happening. Because what you believe, you perceive. If you believe that you are healthy, and you focus in on that belief, then that is what you will see more of in your life.

Your brain is like a camera in that it can focus on a specific idea while allowing everything else to become blurry. When you focus in on something it grows larger and you can see it more clearly. Using affirmations helps you to focus in on the things that you want to see more of. These affirmations can be said somewhat nonchalantly, but are much better said with an attitude of gratitude.

Believing is Key

If you are trying to say an affirmation and you don’t believe it, then you will feel bad while saying it. For instance, if you are trying to use an outrageous affirmation such as, “I am a millionaire” while you are currently behind on your rent, you’re going to be feeling like you’re lying. You can’t lie to yourself.

If you said that affirmation, in this situation, you may start feeling something akin to the fight or flight response, especially if you are trying to manifest money to pay for that rent. Your mind will be focused on your feelings of, “I don’t have enough,” and “I need more.” If you feel as if you don’t have enough money, that is what you truly believe, and that is what you will perceive. Because of this you never want to say affirmations of things you don’t truly believe. Don’t lie to yourself.

Vibrational Dissonance = Negative Emotions

There is a higher dimensional “truth.” When we line up with that truth we feel happy, satisfied, content, and/or joyful. Worrying that things will not be okay is going to cause you to feel negative emotions because in a higher dimensional perspective you know that everything is going to be fine. The vibration of worry will always be vibrationally dissonant with the vibration of knowing everything is going to be fine.

So when making affirmations keep an eye on your emotions. They’ll guide you to whether or not focusing on that topic is beneficial for you.

You Can Change Your Beliefs

But you can change your beliefs. My viewpoint is that in the 3D world we may not have something, but in the higher dimensions, we do have it, already. If you believe in heaven, you can think of your heavenly rewards as things that your 3D self will have one day. But if you understand that the higher dimensions are all happening at the same time, your higher self ALREADY HAS it.

I explain in the video below how to view higher (dimensional) selves. Think of a stack of printer paper. Consider each piece to be infinitesimally thin. Each piece of paper is a 2D object. They’re 2D slices of the 3D object (the paper stack). The 3D object and 2D slices are together and exist at the same time.

In the same way, we are 3D beings that have a 4D self. The fourth dimension is time. Your 4D self consists of your 3D self from yesterday, a year ago, when you were a baby, and when you die. If you have a 4D self, isn’t it likely you have a higher dimensional self if higher dimensions exist? The higher dimensions are outside of time (since time is the fourth dimension).

Everything we have ever wanted to become or we have ever wanted to have or to feel is available to us in the higher dimensional realm. But it’s a feeling.

You are not a millionaire in the higher dimensions.

No, you are not a millionaire in the higher dimensions. You are miswanting to be a millionaire. You long for the money because you think it will give you the feeling of freedom to do what you want to and to not feel like you are going to have your home taken away. What you’re really longing for right now is the feeling of security and freedom.

In the higher dimension (outside of time) you are not worried about money because you know everything worked out perfectly. How can you be worried about something when you know how it all turned out? How can you not be feeling free when you can choose to go back to any time you wanted to? Beings (or consciousnesses) outside of time can choose freely where and when to go as if they have a time machine.

If you have the belief that the feeling you desire is already there for your 5D self, concurrently with your 3D self, you can find the feeling you desire right now. This is likely what meditation is all about. But it doesn’t have to come from meditation specifically. You can come up with affirmations that work for you mentally right now and work from there.

Easy Affirmations

What I suggest to people is to come up with an affirmation that is very general and very easy to believe. I have come up with a few affirmations to say with your water. When you drink your water, you can imagine yourself becoming these things as the water becomes a part of your body.

Affirmations for Water (That you can now embody)

Simply say these affirmations to water (if you believe them) and then, when you drink it, think of how you are embodying the water. These are true of water, and now you can focus on becoming these things also through ingesting the water.

  • You are beautiful.
  • You are loved.
  • You are appreciated.
  • You are desired.
  • You are free. (You might use this if you’re feeling a loss of freedom)
  • You are abundant.
  • You go with the flow easily.
  • You are life-giving.
  • You are healthy.
  • You are clear. (You might use this if you want to be clear-minded).
  • You are sparkling/shining. (You might use this if you want to shine your inner light more brightly)
  • You do not need money.
  • You are carefree.
  • You are a wonderful creation of God, Source or nature (whatever you feel led to call it).

Personal Affirmations

I want to discuss a couple of things I’ve affirmed over the years that were very easy. I didn’t really say these examples out loud, as affirmation mantras, but I did spend time thinking about them and appreciating them. Focusing on appreciating works the same way saying affirmations does. I hope this may inspire you to think about small affirmations that you could make in your own life.

“I can make money while playing games”

Some apps let you earn points for playing regular phone games and then they’ll give you a gift card for your points. I started using them. It sure wasn’t a lot of money, but if you’re going to play games on your phone, it is nice to be rewarded with $20 Amazon gift cards every once in a while. So I spent time appreciating that I was making money while I was just chilling out playing games.

If you did that and were thinking about how little you’re making then you would not be able to grow this affirmation into anything larger than that. As I mentioned you have to focus on what feeling you are having while you affirm something. If it’s negative, like resentment, then you’re not affirming correctly and you’re just wasting your time.

After a while of doing that, I was led to PlaytestCloud and They give more money for the time spent playtesting games because you have to talk about what you like or don’t like in the games and fill out surveys. This also helps companies create better games, which I appreciate. User experiences with technology was actually my major 20 years ago so it’s not surprising that I would attract something that combines my interests with something fun.

“People give me things for free”

If you’ve ever received a present you can use this affirmation and believe it, so long as that’s what you’re focused on when you say it. It’s a very vague and easy affirmation. After a while of appreciating it (whenever I get something for free), I have attracted product testing & mystery shopping jobs.

For those jobs, I do have to pay for the items first, but, after a while, they pay me back completely for every item and I get to keep the items. This isn’t the job for everyone, seeing as how you have to pay upfront and wait for the money to pay off the bills. But it worked wonders for restoring my credit score and I have gotten tons of items for free, including food, clothes, supplements, games, and more. Not to mention I get the cashback on the credit cards for expensive purchases and paid to take the surveys.

Affirmations are just Appreciation Mantras

My tips here are really bringing it down to appreciating when nice things happen. If you’re taking a walk and see some cute animal, you can spend time appreciating it. You can mentally or verbally repeat an affirmation while you’re in the moment.


  • If someone decides to open the door for you and you think, “They’re really polite,” turn it into an affirmation, “I run into polite people.”
  • If you’re at work and someone gives you a compliment, turn it into an affirmation, “I’m appreciated at work,” or “People like the job I’m doing at work.”

Perhaps write them down so you remember to say them often. You’ll find out that you’ll see more of these things happen in the future and in bigger, more noticeable ways.

Whenever you feel happy about something, don’t just let it slip out of your mind quickly. Savor your happiness. Savor what just happened to make you feel that way.

You are in control over what you focus on, so spend more time focusing on what you enjoy and savoring it.

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