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Ho’oponopono in Practice

In this article, I’m going to share how I actually use the Ho’oponopono Cleaning process in my life and what comes out of it. I do this to show how it can be used to re-set your perspectives or beliefs on a specific subject, usually something that’s angering or scaring you. When you change your beliefs, then your emotional response will change.

What Bugs Me

I am well aware of what bugs me, and one of those things is bugs. For some reason, I get put into that fight or flight response when I see them. Something must have happened when I was young. I can’t see any other reason for why I’m so scared of something that I can know (intellectually) wouldn’t even hurt me that bad (if bitten or stung). It is definitely an irrational fear of mine. So, since I learned about Ho’oponopono and how to release samskaras, I have been leaning into the fear to let go of it. I want to see bugs the way God-Source or my Higher Dimensional Self sees them.

I’ve spoken about my desire to lean into fear in my podcast. I also created a video on appreciating my triggers to release the samskaras.

To let go of the old fear, you have to let it resurface and stop fighting it. This is why meditation is so helpful. When you are in the fight or flight mode, your body doesn’t spend any energy on healing itself. When you go into the relaxed mode (through meditation), the body starts healing from these old “traumas.” This is why some people find it difficult to have a quiet mind while meditating. The thoughts that come when you’re meditating can be many things. However, sometimes, it is an old samskara coming to the surface for you to heal. Some people have these thoughts and actually try to get rid of them, but that’s just avoidance. To heal from the past you have to let them come up and stop avoiding them, which can be scary at times.

Facing What Scares You

Last week I saw a bug. I don’t know what exact kind it was. It reminded me of a wasp or hornet. It had a long body. It doesn’t really matter beyond the fact that my response was one of fear. It was behind the screen of the window, trapped between the glass. It must have crawled in there when the window was open the other day. There was no reason for fear. It was on the outside. I could look at it close up and it could not get in to touch me. And, yet, I feared. So I decided that, since I wanted to get rid of this fear, I would let myself look at the thing that scared me.

A wasp

I allowed the feelings of terror to exist. I stopped trying to fight them. I know, technically, you could say attempting to heal from them is, in a sense, “fighting” them. But it’s not suppressing them. I started to go into “cleaning” mode, using Ho’oponopono.

“I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

A Brake For My Mind

I wasn’t really thinking about it, it’s an automatic mantra now. Sometimes I do slow the mantra down and think about each word. Sometimes it’s fast and, in those times, I simply use it as a brake for my mind. My body is scared, and wants me to run (flee), but if I think this mantra while looking at what scares me, I don’t have to run. I can stop and realize that I’m okay standing here with this thing that scares me.

And then I did slow it down, and I realized that I was thankful as I was staring at it from different angles, watching it move. I was thankful that it was outside and couldn’t touch me. I was thankful that this was an opportunity for me to face what scares me, to let go of some of my old “trauma” that needs to come out.

One of the benefits of thinking or saying, “Thank you,” is that your mind starts to look for reasons why you are thankful. It starts to tell you the places where you are thankful. It’s not lying to you. It’s just when we’re thinking negatively we are blocking our brain from seeing things to be thankful for. So when you can stop your brain from thinking, “I’m scared,” or “I’m resentful,” you are allowing it to come up with more helpful/beneficial thoughts.

I had been resentful seeing that bug. I didn’t want it to be there. So, at first sight, I was mad and I was afraid. But I used this mantra as a brake on those thoughts. I was allowing my brain to see this from a new perspective and allow me to change my emotions by changing my thoughts.

It Takes Time To Heal

But I still wanted this bug gone. I wanted it to leave. The old me might have killed it. The old me might have sprayed some wasp spray through the window to make it leave by force or kill it. I kept cleaning.

“I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

I sat down and watched it through the window. I thought that maybe I could make it leave by tapping on the window. I tried tapping and it moved, but it moved up and down the window, not to the side that would get it free. I asked myself, “Why do I want it gone?” It’s not going to hurt me. I just wanted it gone. So I kept cleaning.

I knew that if I was actually viewing this as God-Source or my higher self viewed it, I wouldn’t care one iota that it was here. They don’t. In fact, they’d be glad, because I had attracted this bug to help me heal. So I cleaned and I thought, “If I clean and heal from this, I won’t attract this bug any longer and it will leave.”

You Clean YOURSELF To Make a Reflection Clear

See, when you look in the mirror and have dirt on your nose, you don’t try to clean the mirror. You clean the dirt from your nose, then the dirt on your nose in the mirror disappears too. I was trying to get rid of the bug (like cleaning the mirror) but the bug was a reflection of what was going on inside of my mind or “vibration.” If I cleaned myself, it would automatically leave (like the dirt in the mirror). I knew this intellectually.

Ok, so I focused on cleaning and watching the bug, viewing it, regardless of any fear that came up. Then I thought about those people who are so afraid of mask-less, vax-less people. The people who are afraid of catching COVID-19. They want to force other people to wear a mask and get the vaccine so that they can feel better. I don’t like it when people force themselves on others simply because they’re personally scared.

Well, that is exactly what the old me would do to this bug. In fact, I kind of did it (in the present) when I was tapping on the screen trying to get it to fly away. The bug was minding its own business and not hurting me and I was trying to get it to leave because of my personal fear. If I don’t want people to do that to me, why am I doing it to the bug?

If you don’t want to attract a sickness, you shouldn’t try to force other people to do things so that you feel better, you should focus on feeling better and taking care of yourself so you don’t get sick.

Eventually, I watched someone drive by on a motorcycle and realized that it was a beautiful day. This bug can leave whenever it wants to, it’s not hurting me, and I’m “wasting” my time here when I could be enjoying the day. So I left.

When I came back to the room later, it was gone.

That is how Ho’oponopono works. No, it wasn’t a waste of time, because I healed, but once I healed, I would have been wasting my time sticking around. I’m sure I’ll still see other bugs that frighten me in the future, but it’s getting easier to deal with them every time. And, thankfully, the world knows to heal us in bits at a time, and never more than we can handle at any moment.

So the next time you’re in a scary situation, perhaps try to use Ho’oponopono and change the way you view the situation. If you can be thankful that this is giving you an opportunity to heal, it will change what happens next.

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