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Episode 5: The Power of “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

Yes, the phrase, “Fuck Joe Biden,” may be about placing Joe as the “Persecutor” and the US citizens as the “Victim,” in the drama triangle. That really depends on the person. However, I would suggest that the phrase, “Let’s Go, Brandon,” re-brands it, so to speak, in a show of power. The phrase, “Let’s Go, Brandon” has multiple meanings and means different things to different people. To me, it means something like, “Fuck you mainstream-corporate media propaganda. We don’t believe you. Joe Biden sucks as President.” To me, it’s about being authentic and vocal, and unifying with the rest of the citizens who have been… Read More »Episode 5: The Power of “Let’s Go, Brandon!”

The Real Reason You’re Offended

Other People Have No Power to Offend You There is a commonly held belief that other people can offend you. In this article I’m going to discuss why that is not the case, which might anger you or relieve you. If you want there to be a scapegoat for why you get mad, rather than to take personal responsibility for getting upset, then you won’t like the idea that no one can offend you. If, however, you want to live a life in which you never get offended, because you would be happier, then you would be relieved to hear that this is possible. A… Read More »The Real Reason You’re Offended

Your Beliefs Can Lead To Freedom Or Slavery

Your Beliefs Can Lead To Freedom or Slavery

Where is freedom born and bred, in the heart or in the head? Many people today are responding to life through their emotions. Something will happen, they will have an emotion, and off they go responding to the emotion because they feel like they are powerless and life just happens to them. For instance, a woman recently tweeted: “I saw a child wearing a ‘Trump 2020’ mask at school today and I wanted to literally burn him alive.” There was an activating event or action (A), in this case, it was that she saw a child wearing a specific mask, and then there was a… Read More »Your Beliefs Can Lead To Freedom or Slavery

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