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Barbara Wegner



Prior to 2015

Before 2015 I was living an unfulfilling life just struggling to find whatever happiness I could, seemingly without any purpose. I struggled with confidence, leading me to not take risks (like studying to become a psychologist as I had wanted to be while I was growing up). I fell in love, got engaged, but was never able to advance to the getting married stage. I had money, bought a house, but lost it all, went bankrupt and had my house foreclosed upon. By 2015 I felt lost and was out of hope for a good future. I had no idea what I was doing with my life. 

May 2015

In May of 2015 I had a dream, which sort of woke me up. I felt like I had a religious experience, and repented for whatever I could think of, and went through a self-deliverance. Now that I look back, knowing what I know about the law of attraction, I see this in a completely different light, but back then, my Christian faith was the lens in which I saw things. Personally, I believe I did a lot of asking for change (through my spirit) and as Abraham says if you have a lot of asking, it doesn’t matter if you don’t release resistance, eventually you will get what you asked for, it just might hurt (the more resistance you have). So I did go through a bumpy time in my personal life after that. My relationship fell apart and I got sucked into Christian truther topics about this being the times of Revelation. But I always had faith that God would provide for me, so I moved through the fear, and I met new people, and by September I felt led to create a YouTube channel talking about my experiences and what I was studying in the bible. 


During this time period, I continued to meet new people online through my YouTube channel, and later Facebook page, and study the bible and current events. As I continued to post on YouTube my confidence grew stronger and stronger.

See, I had asked for more confidence and it was being given to me, but it was difficult because I hadn’t been releasing resistance. I felt the pull of the Spirit/Vortex guiding me into making the YouTube channel. I felt like I had to. When you’re “in the vortex” (divinely inspired) then you know the right path to follow to get what you want, because you will have a strong desire to do it.

I also started to look into topics I was afraid to look into such as the trinity being false and Paul being a false apostle. Every time I came to one of these challenges, I took a leap of faith that God wanted me to know the truth and it was okay to study things. To some people they may wonder why I was so fearful, but in many religions, there is a fear to question things because of your eternal salvation. I continued to face my fears, and then talk about these controversial subjects on my channel. People then falsely accused me of being a heretic or a witch, etc. And I had to deal with the criticism. I realized how strong I could be. I had asked for not caring what other people think of me, and it was being given, but I was doing it the hard way. My asking was just so strong from my difficult life prior that I had no way to say no, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. 

Eventually, I was led to look into the law of attraction from books by Christians, such as The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn. I also was researching the Essenes (early followers of Christ) for my channel and was led to look into the Essene Mirrors by Gregg Braden. I was understanding the law of attraction from a Christian viewpoint. 


Around 2019 I was listening to something on  YouTube and it went to a suggested video automatically. I didn’t know what it was and wasn’t in a position to turn it off, so I just listened to it. It was an Abraham Hicks video. It took a while to get used to the third-person speaking, but after that, I listened to the videos practically nonstop. I started to meditate and finally was able to get into the meditative state, and things in my life got exponentially better, although I did have to deal with crises. You don’t get to where you want to be without losing the things that were keeping you back. I did start a phone/online consultation chat business, but it was mostly focused on the religious side of things. 

I wanted to learn all I could about the law of attraction and how to increase happiness through changing our thought processes. So still listening to Abraham-Hicks material, I also added on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy courses and a Yale course on the Science of Well-being. I’ve also studied Ho’oponopono and Reiki, and I combine all these areas of study to help others work through changing their thoughts (from predominantly negative and limiting ones to more beneficial ones) in order to attract the life they actually want with as little bumps as possible. Although I know that for a caterpillar to fly there has to be a metamorphosis, we, as humans, usually tend to hate change. 

I find that knowing how the law of attraction works, and why it works, helps me to get through every challenge I come across. I used to be really set back by things in my life and I have seen my personal reactions change enormously. I even had a breakup from a meaningful relationship, where my friend got more obsessed and distraught about it than I did. I was smiling and back “into the vortex” the next day knowing that things were going to work out better or it wouldn’t have happened. 

Because I know how things worked out for me I am now much better able at handling things. I know that everyone has that ability within them. And I enjoy helping people get there because I know how wonderful it is to not care when supposed “disasters” strike since you know that everything is working out better for you.


Continued taking my certification classes and reading up on the law of attraction and self-help in order to better help my clients. Started my LOA Life Coaching and posted more videos on YouTube, Rumble, Odysee and GabTV


Started writing on Substack about the Law of Attraction and the Drama Triangle.


Though my life experiences, challenges, and successes are probably more important to my understanding of the law of attraction, I have dedicated a lot of time to studying techniques to change thought processes and increase happiness.

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