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“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.”
-Mahatma Gandhi



The word harmony has a definition of being “a relationship in which various components exist together without destroying one another.” On a vibrational level there is a harmony to this world. 

We have the sayings, “birds of a feather flock together,” and “your vibe attracts your tribe.” These sayings mean those who are of similar vibrations are attracted to each other. This is the case, but it is far more intricate to be simplified to “like attracts like.” 

Certain sounds or vibrations can harmonize with each other but not be exactly similar. This is why sometimes people are surprised that seemingly “horrible” things happen to good people, spurring questions by law of attraction doubters such as, “how did that baby attract death?”

birds of a feather flock together

When you are lower on the ground you cannot see far off into the distance. When you are on a mountain top you have a higher perspective which gives you a clear view of what is in the distance. We cannot always know or understand the higher spiritual goals that a particular soul has. 

In the book Many Lives, Many Masters by psychotherapist Dr. Brian Weiss, he describes his work in past life regression. His son Adam died 23 days after birth of a rare heart condition. During one regression the patient spoke to him about his son saying, “…his death was due to his heart. Your son’s heart was also important, for it was backward, like a chicken’s. He made a great sacrifice for you out of his love. His soul is very advanced…his death satisfied his parents’ debts. Also he wanted to show you that medicine could only go so far, that its scope is very limited.” Dr. Weiss did actually go on to study psychiatry because he realized medicine couldn’t save his son.

Everything happens for a reason, and everything is working out for you on the large scale. But as humans with limited perspective we get upset and decide to label things like deaths or people as “bad,” and humans have a hard time forgiving because they do not understand why someone did something. Because of the higher perspective, Source/God (whatever you want to call this higher power) knows why everyone is doing what they are doing and doesn’t keep track of “wrongs.” When you know why someone did something it’s much easier to forgive and when you can see the higher (long term) benefit of something that you would normally call “bad” then you can start to find peace. 

higher perspectives are more clear


The Abraham teachings that Esther Hicks channels have helped me in understanding what Christ talked about on a higher level. I know that everyone can pick up on messages from source/God (in the bible they were considered prophets) and it will always be filtered through our current understandings and so I don’t take everything that Esther gives forth as “gospel” but what resonates with me is what I have experienced in my life. Abraham always says that “words don’t teach, experience is what teaches.” 

The 5 Steps of Creation are listed here and, of course, Christ also said, “Ask and you will receive; seek and you will find.” He also told us not to worry about tomorrow, because just as bird gets fed naturally, so too will we be. What Abraham talks about does align with what Christ and the early followers, the Essenes, believed. 

I always had a lot of faith that there was a creator of all who was loving, but I was taught a lot of things to fear growing up. Now that I understand the way the law of attraction works I’ve faced a lot of fears and things always work out. I don’t just talk about this stuff, I live it every single day. I know it can be scary to make leaps of faith. I’ve been there.

I don’t have a theoretical understanding; I have an experiential understanding. And when you walk the walk enough times, that faith is no longer considered a “blind faith” but just knowledge and understanding of how the world works. 

Abraham says the most important thing is to feel appreciation because as you appreciate, you see more to appreciate. As you feel as if you lack, you find more things to make you feel as if you lack. 


The Essenes also spoke about the fall of mankind. Even in the bible, Eve and Adam eat the “forbidden fruit” which means their sin started when they thought that there was something that they could not have (a feeling of lack). In the Clementine Homilies 8 they wrote:

“But they, because they had at first no experience of evils, being insensible to the gift of good things, were turned to ingratitude by abundance of food and luxuries, so that they even thought that there is no Providence, since they had not by previous labour got good things as the reward of righteousness, inasmuch as no one of them had fallen into any suffering or disease, or any other necessity; so that, as is usual for men afflicted on account of wicked transgression, they should look about for the God who is able to heal them. But immediately after their despite, which proceeded from fearlessness and secure luxury, a certain just punishment met them, as following from a certain arranged harmony, removing from them good things as having hurt them, and introducing evil things instead, as advantageous.”

According to the Essenes as people were no longer appreciative of the perfect world they were in, their lack of appreciating turned to feelings of lack and they attracted more things to lack. I believe the “certain arranged harmony” they spoke about was what we call the “law of attraction” today.

STEP 1: Asking

Step 1 is about exploring contrast and from it coming to personal preferences. For example, we see health and sickness (that is contrast). Our personal preference is to be healthy rather than sick, so we "ask" to be healthy.

STEP 2: Given

Your spirit (inner being, higher self, god, whatever term you prefer) receives your rockets of desires. Then your spirit focuses upon it, and law of attraction responds to THAT powerful point of focus. Now all cooperative components are being attracted to your spirit's point of focus on your behalf.

STEP 3: Allowing

Most continue to look at what is already manifested and block what they've desired. In Step 3 you move into the direction of your desire by releasing resistance to it. You do this by ignoring "what is" currently and focusing on being appreciative in the present, optimistic for the future, and finally feeling as if you already have what you desired in the first place. This can take faith.

STEP 4: Consistant Allowing

Step 4 is being so aware of this process, that once you discover step 3 and you like the sweet taste of alignment that you begin to focus because of the way you want to feel on a steadier more consistent, chronic basis until you've mastered within yourself an awareness and desire to feel that. Step 4 is just really being good at step 3 so that it's just your second nature.

STEP 5: Appreciating contrast

Step 5 is hanging around in Step 4 most of the time but contrast surrounds you. This is when you are appreciative of the contrast that was essential for the more, so the contrast doesn't strike you as a "bad" thing or something to overcome, or something that you should regret. Instead, you now understand it is the power that causes the clarity that causes the point of the attractions.

There's More to the LOA
than Wishing and hoping

Some misunderstand the law of attraction (LOA) believing that people who trust in it expect that as long as you "think positive thoughts" you'll get exactly what you want. However, these people don't understand the reason it works or that it's not all just sitting around, doing nothing. The law of attraction requires you to take inspired action.


Even though what you’ve been asking for has already been given on a vibrational level, it will not be what you expect from your limited understanding of what you actually want.

Your spirit (higher self, soul, source, god, whatever you want to call it) knows what you really want better than you do. You only receive what you REALLY want and that’s often not what you expect. But it is always better than you hoped for.

Because of this, it’s often common for people to experience “all hell breaking loose” once they start to take action to clean up their vibration.  ​Our vibe attracts our tribe and as you clean up your vibration you’ll start to repel those not of your tribe anymore.

After the initial “poo storm” your life will get much better since you’ve rid yourself of beliefs/vibrations that were holding you back.

With law of attraction work, it’s best to not care about how things will happen, just know that everything is working out for you.


You will have to deal with relationship and/or work “shakeups” when raising your vibration. That is work. It takes determination to raise your vibration and change your way of thinking. As you continue to do this it becomes easier. 

As far as making things happen, we are brought up to think we can’t get results just sitting around, we have to do something.

It’s true that things need to get done, but because what you want (like financial freedom) is already available to you vibrationally, if you line up with that state of mind, you can spend far more time relaxing and have inspired ideas come to you. Inspired ideas will make much more money than taking action on something just because you’re afraid to not act. 

For example, an unemployed person could spend all day stressed out applying to jobs online or the person could relax as if they are financially free (through faith) and have a great start-up business idea come to them. The person would need to take action on the business, but it would be something they enjoy and feel inspired to do.


Believing that everything is working out for the best, and that every “prayer” or desire you had in the past has already been answered (vibrationally) takes faith. 

But it isn’t a blind faith. This is something that can be tested. You can easily test it by thinking about something that you do not have limiting beliefs about. You can’t think about being paid and make it happen if you have a belief that it is difficult to be paid. But you can think about an animal, like a butterfly, eagle, or rabbit for a minute, and you should see one (either in person or on TV or on social media) or hear about one later on in the day or week. 

In 1657, Christian Huygens observed the phenomenon of spontaneous synchronization that is found in intestinal and heart muscles, marching soldiers, circadian rhythms, insulin secreting cells in the pancreas, menstrual cycles, and fireflies, among others. 

There is a rhythm to life, and we are all a part of it. When we relax we can line up with what we desire. But because we’ve been told that life is random, people usually need faith to let go of control and start to go with the flow of life.


Gregg Braden has spent a lot of time research the Dead Sea Scrolls and the ancient Essenes. He speaks of their form of prayer being one of feeling as if you already have what you want and being grateful for it before it manifests. He also speaks of the seven Essene Mirrors in the video below. The idea of the seven Essene Mirrors is that when you run into something substantial in your life, it may be reflecting back to you:

  1. Who You Are – If you’re angry you attract more anger from yourself or others. If you’re calm, you will attract calm people or calm situations. If you’re hateful, you’ll attract hate, if you’re petty and unforgiving, others will act the same way towards you.
  2. What You Judge – If you haven’t forgiven people when they make mistakes, you’ll see it more and more until you realize you should be forgiving. If you really hate it when people talk during movies, you may attract that into your life so that you can deal with why it upsets you.
  3. What You Lost – If you’ve lost, given away or had taken something, you may keep seeing others who have that thing or situation. This may result in an attraction (spark) towards someone that you don’t know why you’re attracted to them. The attraction is because they have something that you want in your life, such as a good job, or family, etc. These situations will come up in order to make you deal with your regret (ungratefulness) that you don’t have it. You are unaware consciously of this regret, which is why your subconscious is bringing it to your attention. Once you are conscious of it, you can make a choice to go after the thing you want, or choose that you don’t want it enough to change your life. Once you make a conscious decision one way or the other, the spark should go away. In the video below Gregg Braden explains how this led to an office affair between two people, and once they figured it out, the affair fizzled.
  4. Most Forgotten Love – If you have an unfinished relationship (like a soul contract) and your spirit wants to finish it, then it might continue to show up. This may be a past-life thing, but doesn’t have to be. you may have had issues with your mother who died, and run into someone else who you have the same relationship issue with in order for you to finally deal with this issue.
  5. Father / Mother – Our dads & moms are like “gods” to us as kids. They are our “source” of food, housing, love, etc. and they make the rules/commandments for our early lives. This reflects our relationship with the heavenly Father/Mother. If you have a bad relationship with your parents, such as your dad not being around, it may be a reflection of you feeling like your heavenly Father is not around. The “mother” side to the creator is the Holy Spirit / Wisdom side that God/Source created through, so a relationship issue with your mother may have something to do with how you feel your relationship with wisdom or spiritually is going.
  6. Dark Night of the Soul – This is a quest for darkness, looking within at all your faults and fears in order to increase in wisdom & grow.
  7. Your Self-Perception – Others treat you the way you view yourself
    If you view yourself as ugly, they will treat you that way.
    If you view yourself as undeserving of good pay, you won’t get it.
    If you don’t forgive yourself, you won’t be forgiven.
As you can see from the above list, you do not always attract what you are, but can attract things completely opposite of what you are if you are judging others harshly. The idea that you attract who or what you are at all times oversimplifies the law of attraction and is one of the reasons many people reject the idea of law of attraction.

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