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Change your world with
The law of attractioN

DO YOU Feel like you're trapped?

Everyone has at least one area in their life that they feel like they should be doing better than they are right now.
We often wonder, "Why do others find this so easy, but it's so difficult for me?"



As we grow up we attempt to make sense of the world by coming up with thoughts about why or how something happens. Those repeated thoughts  become our beliefs.

We also get beliefs passed down to us from our environment and culture. 

Some of these beliefs are beneficial but some can limit us from realizing how wonderful our lives can really be.

For example, a person may grow up in a wealthy family and learn how easy it is to make money or a person might grow up in a low-income family and learn how difficult it is to make money. 

We can look at how our lives are playing out and find our limiting beliefs. Then we can come up with a plan to replace those beliefs with new, more beneficial, ones. 

At a spiritual/vibrational level everything that we’ve been asking for IS waiting for us. However, we hold back what we’ve asked for by continuing to hold our limiting beliefs over our head like an umbrella blocking out the good stuff. It’s time to put the umbrella down and walk into the sun!



I've studied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and this helps me to see cognitive distortions (false beliefs) and get to the root of issues so we can help you change your limiting beliefs to more beneficial ones.

Quantum Spirituality

I've studied Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Abraham-Hicks, & Ho'oponopono (from Dr. Hew Len) in addition to my studies on the early followers of Christ, the Essenes.
Spirituality and science do mix!

Find Peace

There is a way to find peace in what we perceive of as chaos. The law of attraction proves itself and since we can attract how we feel, and we can change the way we feel, we have complete freedom and we can choose to find peace.
Let me help you find that peace.


Get a happy, healthy romantic relationship


Relationships, whether romantic, friends or family are affected by our beliefs. Every relationship is a mirror of something that is going on inside of us. However, this reflection is not as simple as some think. Click here to learn about the Essene Mirrors from Gregg Braden's research.

Get the financial wealth and abundance you desire


Those who grow up in wealthy families can grow up with healthy beliefs about money, but many people grow up with limiting beliefs. Some religions even suggest that if you have a lot of money you're evil or doing something wrong. People with those beliefs will never have a lot of wealth.

Find the healthy, fit body you desire


Stress and worries can negatively affect our health and we all know that placebos can actually benefit our health. The only reason placebos actually work is because people believe that they will.

Self love: learn to care for yourself


We should be able to forgive ourselves in the same way we would forgive a child. Many people find it more difficult to forgive themselves than to forgive others and the reason for that is we have known ourselves our whole life and have been scolding ourselves longer than we have anyone else.

Find inner peace surrounded by chaos


There are a multitude of belief systems concerning spirituality and how things work in the spiritual realm. These affect our "faith" that things are working out for us. If we believe that things happen randomly, we will feel uneasy in this world. Even those who do believe in God or Source Energy or that the Universe is working things out still struggle with faith at times.


As an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church I've studied multiple religions and see the commonalities.
I see the benefit in all and know the message is always to love one another as you would want to be loved.
I know there is a source of life (God, Allah, the Universe, or Source, whatever term you prefer) that is guiding us.

I was born into the Christian religion and, besides a few holidays, I spent little time actually at church. As I grew older, I wanted to study what the bible actually said so I delved into the Greek and Hebrew and started looking into the early followers of Christ, the Essenes. After my biblical studies I understood why there were so many denominations. 

I looked for the commonalities in the religions of the world, and I believe the truth is to be found in the commonalities. It’s my understanding that there was spiritual knowledge given and that those of a high frequency (of pure love) understood the message. Those who were not in the high frequency of love could not understand that message (when people mock the law of attraction it may be because of that same principle). If you are not in the right vibration you cannot understand the message. This is why the prophets were murdered. People misunderstood them. After they were dead, people twisted what was said because they never really understood the true message in the first place. 

Because I started to study the Essenes, I found Gregg Braden’s video on the 7 Essene Mirrors. It explains how multifaceted the law of attraction is and how we attract relationships (familiar, friendly, and romantic). I also read books from other Christians about the law of attraction. At the time the genre was known as “new thought” because you were choosing new thoughts to think. 

I’ve always had a fascination with psychology but was put off by the idea of people constantly coming back without seemingly getting the help they were after. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is about helping people actually change the way they think so that they do see changes and don’t need to rely on sessions with a coach forever. Because our thoughts affect how we see the world (what we attract), if we want to see a better world (attract better relationships, finances, etc.) then we need to change our thoughts. 

Christ taught that there was no need to worry, everything is taken care of, and according to the law of attraction that is the best possible advice and yet many still worry. Life is like a river, we’re all going to get to where we’re supposed to be, but our struggle (through worry) troubles the water. Letting go and relaxing is what carries us to where we want to be faster (it’s a much more enjoyable right also!). I believe that state of relaxation is what buddhahood is all about and the spiritual/vibrational river carrying us is the Tao.

I also understand the law of attraction to be scientific and I continue to research thought forms and quantum physics. The combination of my CBT knowledge, and spiritual background help me to have a well-rounded approach to being a law of attraction life coach.


From experience, I recommend Barbara unreservedly. Like the best coaches and helpers in life, she shares actual wisdom that comes from real-life experience of failure, and then success. If you are looking for someone who has thought deeply about her own life, and has distilled those thoughts (and changes of mind and heart) into something practical and useful that you might benefit from, you’ll find that in Barbara. She does in her writing and coaching what I hope to do for the people I encounter in my own work.


Barb is so kind and welcoming. I really appreciate how she creates a safe place for discussion on topics that many people might find too “out there”. She truly made me feel welcome, heard, and cared for. I walked away feeling very positive because she helped me have a way to vocalize my thoughts and work through them in a non-judgemental environment. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to me and let me share thoughts in a positive, respectful, and affirming atmosphere.


I wanted Barbara’s opinion on a number of topics in a long chat. I love her logic and reasoning and consider it valuable. She makes very much sense. We share many of the same beliefs and on other subjects I am fascinated with her perspective. I will incorporate her great wisdom within my own faith. She was very alert during a long conversation. She can quickly formulate her responses over some fairly deep concepts. She was prompt in calling and put forth very good effort in trying to be helpful.



Contact me with any questions or to book a session.

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