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10 MINS | $5

30 MINS | $14

1 HOUR | $25

Ho'oponopono Cleaning

Dr. Hew Len modified an older version of Ho’oponopono and healed an entire ward of the criminally insane at Hawaii State Hospital without ever meeting them. He looked at their files and asked, “What is going on with me, that I am experiencing this?” He took complete responsibility for them and healed them

This is what I do. I know that whenever I meet people (whether online or offline) they are a reflection of what is going on inside of me. If you are reading this, there is something in you that has attracted you looking at these words. We have some “memory” or “samskara” in common. If you believe you have a problem in your life, and contact me, then I have that same “memory” and I can “clean” it for you, by “cleaning” myself.

Seeing Clearly Again

When we’re not at “zero” we are not aligned with the higher dimensional truth, and we cannot see people and experiences in this life as they truly are. When we are not at zero we can’t see them as God-Source sees them.

These “memories” of a lower dimension act like dirt spots on glasses. Everything we see in the world is colored by these spots. But, thankfully, we can clean them up. 

I have been certified as a Ho’oponopono practitioner after taking Dr. Len’s course. Since then I have been cleaning every day and I will continue to. You can do it yourself, as I explain in this article.

Why Purchase This Service?

If you can do this for yourself and do it for free, and if I am always cleaning anyway, why on earth would you pay me for this service? 

Our intentions matter. Focusing in on things matters. With this service I will spend my time focusing intently on cleaning whatever it is that is the catalyst for you contacting me. This is a way for you to use my consciousness like a telescope, swinging it toward your direction and focusing in on what you want healed/cleaned.

The double-slit experiment shows how much our conscious awareness matters concerning the outcome of events.

Furthermore, if you believe in the teachings from the bible, there’s also the saying that when “two of you on the earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by (Christ’s) Father in heaven” Matthew 18:19. So, in this case you are asking for this cleaning, and I am in agreement with you, so it will be done.

Because I took Dr. Len’s certification course, and got certified, I know how this process works. I have faith and faith heals. You can see more information on my beliefs about our higher selves in my article on affirmations. I know that your higher dimensional self is free of any concerns. When I clean with Ho’oponopono I am focusing in on that perfect version of yourself and seeing you as you truly are. You may have doubts about that, but I have faith. Also, for whatever it is worth to you, I am ordained minister too. 

I also took a Reiki Energy Healing Course. I have been attuned to the various Reiki symbols by Lisa Powers.

“Excellent service, thank you for your blessed work.” -jbg2011


Ho’oponopono, as taught by Dr. Hew Len, is done alone. It’s a bit like Reiki where there is no need to be physically present. There is no need for me to talk with you over the phone or online. But if you have a specific topic you’d like me to focus on, you may send me an email using my contact form. If you do not contact me, I will clean in a non-specific manner (it works just as well).

I wrote about the blue bottle method of cleaning in the past. I also made a video about affirmations for water. Click on the links to read more on what that means for when I bless the sun-soaked water. Basically, the water is another method of “cleaning” and when you use these affirmations on the water, and then you drink it, you embody those affirmations. It’s an easy way to affirm things you normally wouldn’t believe. 

When I perform the Ho’oponopono service of cleaning, eventually thoughts start to come up to me. This is the divine inspiration that happens when you clear your mind of “memories.” Again, you can do this for yourself at anytime. It’s not something special to me. But I do offer for the 30 minute and hour services an email with my the thoughts that occurred to me while cleaning. 10 minutes is really not that much time for a lot of inspiration to come through for a full email on it. 

For the time listed below, I will:







Please allow 48 hours for me to perform the Ho’oponopono cleaning. If you have not heard from me through email after that time has passed, please email me

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