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The Fruit of the Law of Attraction

Where does a belief in the law of attraction lead? I’ve seen the skeptical comments about the law of attraction. But I don’t ever take it personally because I know they come from ignorance. Most people critiquing the law of attraction have never tried to sit down and see what people who believe in it actually believe. And, similarly to religions, people will undoubtedly have their own versions. But, the law of attraction is usually boiled down to “you get what you think about,” or “you attract what you feel.”

Some people think it means all you have to do is sit around and you can “manifest” whatever you want in life to come to you, and I can understand why, when hearing that version, people are skeptical. They may think the fruit of that belief would be laziness. But in this article, I want to share what the fruit of the law of attraction belief should actually be.

Total Responsibility

If what you see or attract in life is based solely on how you’re feeling or what you’re thinking about, then you can no longer blame others for what happens to you. If you actually believe in the law of attraction, then you can no longer stay in the drama triangle shifting responsibility for things going “wrong” in your life onto others.

If your boss fires you, rather than blame sexism, racism, or whatever else, you have to admit to yourself that you attracted this situation to you. The responsibility and/or blame is on you, no one else.


If you are no longer blaming others for where you are, then you start to focus on things that you can personally change. You start to take personal responsibility for your life. Many people today have an external locus of control where they feel life is happening to them and they feel like “victims” of circumstances. But believing that you can change your thoughts, attitudes, and perspectives in order to change your life, means that changing those things is what you will focus on doing. Whenever you focus on places in your life where you have control, you start to feel really powerful. Yes, it’s a lot of responsibility, but it is truly empowering and freeing.

When you feel powerful you will no longer stay in circles with people who feel like victims. This means you may lose friends (of their own free will) who have a victim-mentality and an external locus of control, but you will end up meeting new people who have an internal locus of control and who lift you up.

The Many Hypocrites

I remember being in a Facebook group for people who liked to listen to Abraham-Hicks videos. For those unaware Esther Hicks claims to “channel” (others people’s words) a being called “Abraham” who discusses the law of attraction. I know what “Abraham” has said through listening to those videos. For the purpose here it really doesn’t matter if Esther is actually channeling or not. It’s the teachings that matter.

I was a member of those groups back in 2020 and could see the tension growing between those who were freaked out about COVID and those who weren’t. From a law-of-attraction standpoint, people attract diseases. The law of attraction belief is that we attract everything from the very large to the very small. I’ve also written more about health and the law of attraction here.

This means that if someone is not vibrationally attracting an illness, no matter what you do, that person will not get sick. This means there is no need to wear a mask or get a vaccine to “help save” others. I do believe that there is science behind my thoughts. But I’m not about to go about “proving it” to people. If people don’t believe it’s possible (limiting belief) then they will find any excuse to not believe scientific studies, like this.

My old 2020 Facebook post (not shown), along with the picture above, got hearts (from people loving it) and it got mocked and it got deleted. I realized then that Facebook would not actually let people discuss their beliefs freely because it had rules against things like COVID-misinformation. But that wasn’t the only reason it was deleted. I know this because I saw the negative unbelieving comments first. I realized then that many people who supposedly believed in the law of attraction did not actually believe in it when it came to this particular sickness.

Well, let me clarify, it’s a matter of faith. You either have faith that our reality is created by us and not others or you don’t. In some areas, we have a lot of faith, and in other areas, we have very little. The same goes for every single belief system. On some subjects, we can trust very easily, and on some subjects, we trust very little. Even atheists may struggle with trusting other people or giving a lot of trust to those who have come through in the past. Every subject gets a different trust level. Christians may say they trust God to get them through anything, but then fear getting fired, because they may not trust that they will have enough money.

I’m not saying there’s something wrong with people being in the group and not having a lot of faith in the thing the group was created to be about (because everyone struggles with faith), but I do believe in free speech and having the ability to debate the topic. That ability to debate was taken away when the posts got locked and deleted from the various groups.

Extrapolating Beliefs From Individuals

A lot of people hear snippets of what the law of attraction is about without delving into it too deeply. Then they extrapolate based on a few individual examples. But should you do that?

Can Others Influence Your Reality?

Some people who claim to believe that we attract our reality also believe that other people can influence our reality against our control. That’s evidenced by people who think you need to wear a mask or get a vaccine so as to not get other people sick. People are free to believe that, but it is hypocritical to post it in a group based on “Abraham” teachings that say the opposite and delete any disagreeing posts/comments. If you were on Facebook looking into the law of attraction since 2020 you would not be seeing the actual perspective/beliefs of “Abraham”, but you would be seeing a skewed sample based on Facebook’s moderation policies.

New Age Influencers

Another example of people who say they believe in the power of the mind but then say hypocritical things were some of the more popular new age influencers. I forget now because it’s been almost 3 years, but some big names in the “New Age” sphere were afraid of COVID or were posting about masks and vaccines. I was happy to see many comments from their followers pointing it out. But trying to extrapolate from those “big names” what the majority of people (who believe in the law of attraction) believe is still skewed.

Can You Manifest By Doing Nothing?

Some people believe that you can just sit around and manifest things without doing any work whatsoever. I would disagree with this for a few reasons.

  1. You do have to do mental work of releasing limiting beliefs, which is not easy, especially if you’ve been believing them your whole life. You have to be strong to wonder if you’re wrong.
  2. Manifestations are like fruits on a tree. You had to plant the seeds at some point. You have to physically plant seeds to grow a tree for it to grow fruit. You have to water it. In the same way, you have to mentally, physically, and verbally plant seeds throughout your life in order to manifest things.

I have had people come to me looking to hire me when I was not out actively looking for work, but it’s because of my past work, conversations, and interactions that they knew to come to me. It’s because of the work I’ve done in the past that lets them know I’m capable. And it’s because of my positive belief that “people enjoy the work I do and like to hire me,” that keeps me open to receiving it. Having limiting beliefs can keep you from being home when the call comes in (for example). Good timing is when you are aligned with your divine inspiration and do something at just the right moment to get an opportunity. Bad timing is the opposite of that.

You have to be in the right mindset to take “inspired action” to be where you are supposed to be to manifest. Doing whatever you’re inspired to do after meditation is very beneficial. But you can also be inspired in the meditative state in the shower or driving. And when you are in a life-or-death situation you will also be divinely inspired to do what you have manifested. This is why I personally think people survive accidents or attacks a lot more than they should if this world was truly random.

Research Should Come Before Conclusions

If you hear just one or two things about a subject, you probably should not consider yourself an expert on it yet because you may just be hearing the outliers or from a very skewed sample. So many people today make snap judgments on things before ever hearing the side out. Please research the topic before making your own conclusions. An informed decision is always best. You cannot be truly informed if you haven’t heard opposing viewpoints.

Personally, I think the fruit of the law-of-attraction philosophy or belief is extremely good. The same people I see mocking the law of attraction would probably enjoy the fruit of it. Anyone taking total responsibility for themselves and not blaming you like a scapegoat is making the world a better place to live, one person at a time.

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