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Multiple Perspectives Can Sound Contradictory

Today I wondered if I could pass a lie detector test with two completely opposite answers to the same question. I think I could, which makes life all that much more confusing. It’s about perspective. I’ve heard people complain about new-agers being hypocritical and confusing by talking from both sides of their mouths. I think the problem is there is a dual perspective happening. There can be completely correct but opposite answers from different perspectives. Dueling Perspectives There are many versions of the Six-or-Nine perspective example similar to the image above. A person on one side can plainly see it’s a six and the other person… Read More »Multiple Perspectives Can Sound Contradictory

Why Would a Baby “Attract” Abuse?

I wanted to answer the question that bothers most people skeptical of the law of attraction, and it requires some explanation of a spiritual perspective on life. To an atheist, you are simply conceived and then either lucky or unlucky. You’re lucky to have been conceived in a family, situation, or life in which you have a comforting home life. You’re unlucky if you end up in an abusive and/or neglectful situation. To suggest that someone attracted abuse based on their behaviors of allowing abusive people to walk over them is not too shocking. I think it can be understood by some atheists. But, to… Read More »Why Would a Baby “Attract” Abuse?

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