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Episode 3: Systemic Racism and the Law of Attraction

Rose Colored News
Rose Colored News
Episode 3: Systemic Racism and the Law of Attraction

Systemic racism is defined as a form of racism that is embedded through laws within society or an organization. According to that definition, when Target decided to pledge to spend more than 2 Billion dollars at Black-Owned Businesses to fight systemic racism, they actually were deciding to become it. A business can only sell so many products. And if you decide to sell more Black-Owned products, you are inevitably deciding to cut those of other skin colors out of your business. It’s a bold, racist move they’ve made.

In this podcast episode, I discuss racism from a law of attraction perspective. I also illustrate the drama triangle dynamics involved in it. In this case, Target is taking on the Savior role and deciding the black business owners are a “Victim”, unable to sell their own products and in need of help.

I forgot to mention in the podcast, if someone says that what Target did was right/moral, this means that they identify as a “savior” (hero/social justice warrior) trying to protect Black-Business Owners, whom they view as a “victims”. These people will then turn to anyone who disagrees with them (those who say that what Target did was racist) and place them into the “persecutor” role. They do this because they don’t want their drama triangle game to end. There is actually an acronym for this turn-around, DARVO. DARVO stands for deny, attack, and reverse victim and offender. If you understand this, it makes it a lot easier to not get pulled back into the drama with people who don’t want to give drama up.

Police Altercations

At the end of the podcast I also discuss the recent article about the cops who pepper sprayed a Black Army Lieutenant at gunpoint and mention George Floyd. The subject here is how people who feel powerless find each other and how when you feel powerful, you won’t end up in situations such as these.

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