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Episode 2: Vaccine Passports

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Episode 2: Vaccine Passports

There are people afraid of getting COVID because other people are not getting the COVID-19 vaccine so they want to make vaccine passports required. There are people afraid of having to get an experimental vaccine in order to work, to fly, leave the country, or even go to a sporting event. They both have the same fear. They fear that they don’t have power over their body and their health. They think someone else is going to have the power to make them unhealthy. It’s the same fear, which means they attract each other according to the law of attraction.

In this episode I discuss that fear and feeling of powerlessness. I discuss how it’s negatively affecting our society and ruining our media and entertainment, and I also give tips on what to do to get rid of it. One of which is to focus on where you are powerful (in the circle of control).

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Michael Singer

2 thoughts on “Episode 2: Vaccine Passports”

  1. Some would look in the bag of flour and say Hmm protein. Not funny.My emails from VA every day is pestering me to get jabbed

    1. I understand that there are people who actually eat bugs, and so they could have absolutely no problem with seeing them in their flour. This is my point that triggers are only triggers because of past emotional trauma that hasn’t been dealt with. I also freaked out about butterflies. Though many people love them, I don’t like them flying around me because to me they’re just bugs bugging me. So when people get triggered by Trump, for instance, it’s not that Trump isn’t as beautiful as a butterfly to other people, it’s just the triggered person has past emotional trauma that has nothing to do with Trump that he reminds them of. If people dealt with their past emotional trauma, they wouldn’t be as triggered today. And there is a way to heal from that. Although I have seen some people who want to be a victim wear the label as a badge, and so people who are not ready, will not leave the drama triangle. And that’s okay.

      If you are bothered by the emails, you could pray on why it bothers you, and you can figure out a way for it to not bother you anymore. I used to be annoyed by some of the spam stuff I got, but I put filters in and just delete stuff that I know I won’t want to see before I ever see it. I unsubscribe and block certain emails too. There’s always a way to find peace.

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