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COVID-19 Shines Light on Fear and Powerlessness

Every day in our lives we run into people, places, things, or events that shine a light on where we feel fear or a lack of control or power. Those situations tend to be very personal. Other people are often not feeling the same way as you do to the same events. But, in 2020 we have had a major event occur that has caused many of us to go through the same emotional triggers. Some people are facing their fears alone when they come up. Some are facing them with others. However, we usually hear on the news about those who are not facing their fears at all.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Are you afraid of people who refuse to get vaccinated or wear masks? Are you afraid of the government mandating that you get vaccinated or wear a mask? If not, do you know people who are? I think most of would say yes to one of those questions. Did you know that these two groups of people are on the same low-flying disc or vibration concerning the topic of vaccines, masks, and freedom? They will continue to attract each other if their thoughts don’t change. They have a common limiting belief. In this article I want to look at that and explain how to change it.

The Low Frequency of Fear

If you are afraid of something, the fear is a sign that you are in vibrational dissonance with your source/inner being/god (however you think of it). The vibration of God-Source is the highest form of love, freedom, and power. The feeling of not feeling safe or secure is one of (or the) lowest vibrational frequencies out there.

The root chakra could be said to be the equivalent of the bottom of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The bottom of the triangle is concerning physical needs being met and then the next step up is the feeling of the need for safety. The root chakra is concerned with feeling secure, safe, and grounded.

People who are afraid of other people who refuse to wear masks or vaccinate or are afraid of the government mandating it are afraid for the exact same reason: they believe that they do not have control of their own body/safety and that their life is going to be in the hands of someone else.

Are You Afraid of Getting Sick?

If you are afraid of getting sick (or someone else getting sick) because another person chose not to vaccinate or wear a mask, then you think that what they do has some control over your life. If you are afraid of the government mandating these things then you think what they do has some control over your life. What these two groups have in common is a belief in their own powerlessness.

The low frequency of powerlessness

No one wants to feel like they are powerless to control the way their life goes. The reason for this negative feeling is that it is really not true, and that is why the dissonance (that you feel when you think that you are powerless) is so strong. God-Source knows how powerful you really are and when you think that you don’t have power or control over what happens in your own life, then you start to feel the emotion of fear. The more you deviate from God-Source’s thoughts, the more fear you feel.

You have total control over your health

So how do you change your belief if you’re worried about people not vaccinating or wearing masks, etc.? First, it starts with acknowledging what’s going on, realizing that you feel powerless. If you think that someone else can get you or another person sick, then you need to realize that you feel out of control over your health or other people’s health. You need to accept that you and everyone else has an inner being (God-Source) that knows what you want spiritually and you/they will get it, regardless of what other people do or don’t do. People who attract sickness have attracted it in order to grow spiritually and everything is working out for them, including when they get sick and when they die. Fear of dying yourself or of other people dying is just as low a vibration but not the topic of this article.

What you should do to help overcome this fear of powerlessness over your health is to think about all the ways that you are powerful, such as physical things that you can do, like boosting your immune system. However, what really will help is realizing how the law of attraction works concerning health. When you ask for health, you receive it vibrationally. It is already done. The reason you even feel concerned/fearful about it is because your inner being/source already became what you asked for and when you worry about your health, it feels bad because of the vibrational dissonance.

So all you have to do is have faith that everything is working out for you. If the law of attraction works in other areas of your life, then it will work here too. Furthermore other people have the exact same power over their lives so you don’t need to worry about them getting sick or dying either. When you feel bad with worry over others, remember that that is a sign that you’re not seeing with the eyes of God-Source. Source isn’t worried about them because source knows how powerful they are to create what they want to experience out of their lives. Everything is working out for them regardless of what they experience in their life.

Afraid of Being Forced to Wear Masks or Mandated Vaccines?

How do you change your belief if you are worried about the government’s mandating vaccines or wearing masks? Again, first you acknowledge what’s going on. You start to realize that you feel powerless. You don’t feel like you have control over things.

Did you know the government feels powerless also? They continue to try to pass laws and mandates because they are afraid people will not willingly do these things. Yes, the government, as an egregore (thought form), has fear. It fears for it’s safety and security also. Why do you think the government has attracted all of the people who refuse to get vaccines? They’re afraid of them and you get more of what you are afraid of. You get more of what you oppose, so because the government really fears the loss of control, they attract (or create) more people who refuse to vaccinate. Yes, they hate to feel powerless also, like I said no one wants to feel like they are powerless.

So accept that you and everyone else has asked for freedom (even the people who want to mandate or force you to vaccinate or wear a mask are asking for freedom. They’re asking for freedom from sickness, but still they’re asking for freedom and it’s the same vibrationally). And once you ask, it is given, and you just need to line up with the freedom and power that you already have vibrationally. When you feel scared, remind yourself that it is the vibrational dissonance telling you that you are not seeing this as God-Source sees it. Just because one specific location mandates something, doesn’t mean that people are not living on earth without their medical freedoms. And laws change over time because the government represents the vibration of the people.

You Always Have Freedom & Power

Remember to appreciate where you are powerful, in your mind. You control your thoughts, and your thoughts control your world.

Viktor E. Frankl, a holocaust survivor, wrote in Man’s Search for Meaning, “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Focusing on Freedom

If both sides could unite in knowing their freedom from both sickness and tyranny they would see the government start to relax. The government is just a reflection of what is going on with the people that it serves and right now we have a lot of people who are afraid. When the people feel their power, they have no more need of the government to reflect their feeling of powerlessness.

Bashar on Government

Bashar supposedly said this. I saw the quote on Facebook once and saved it. You may find it interesting:

“Oh, ‘tis very simple, recognize that you have created your governments to be operating on the idea that they are taking control of your fears for you. They are protecting you. When you create an institution from the prospect that you fear that you will be attacked, that you need protection, then they are born of fear and so must generate fear to survive and continue in the way that they are.

Thus, it is in their mentality that the only way they will be in power is to continue to generate the removal of power from everyone else – not realizing that if they allow you to take back your power and make them equal to you, then they will be completely self-empowered. But your government, because of the structure you have created it to be, does not understand self-empowerment as power. That is why. When you take back responsibility for your fears, and do not need a shield to protect you, then any organization that would be akin to what you call a government can perform its true function: to serve you.”

Abraham on Government

Abraham (Abraham-Hicks Publications) said the same thing in another way:

“Your government, for the most part, has become one of the rules and regulations primarily established to protect one of you from the other of you. When you come to understand that you invite through thought, then you will not feel so much need for all that restriction and then your government can be established as it was begun, more to offer services rather than restriction or control.”

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