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Cleaning the World: What Can I Do?

“One who is in alignment with Source is more powerful than millions who are not. “


Powerlessness vs True Power

Feeling Powerless

As I’ve spoken about in my second podcast episode, if you focus on what you have physical control over, you feel powerful. But when you focus on what you cannot physically control, you feel powerless. The reason people who are afraid of getting COVID-19 are so terrified that others are not wearing masks (or that states are dropping the mask mandates) is that they feel they have no physical control over those people or their own health. They attempt to control others through mandates, laws, and physical altercations because of the feeling of powerlessness and wanting to feel like they have power again.

Someone who feels powerless will always try to figure out a way to feel powerful again. In a terrifying situation, people will usually fight, flee, freeze, or fawn. Even the fawn response (to become a people-pleaser) is an attempt to gain power over another, just through very different means than fighting someone. People may attempt to camouflage themselves into being “one of the mob” if they’re afraid the mob will destroy them. In this case they have figured out an action that they could take to change the situation to be more favorable to them. For example, In Viktor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search For Meaning, he writes about his experiences with the Kapo, concentration camp prisoners who could be the cruelest supervisors. Not all of them were cruel (some snuck food to fellow prisoners). But many of the Kapo, out of a desire to save themselves, became Nazi-pleasers.

Power in Physical Action?

We’ve been taught that our power comes from physically changing the world around us, or trying to influence others, through communication and/or physical actions. People may try to get laws passed, which they believe will influence people to not do those things anymore. They also trust that police will charge those who break the laws and that criminals will go to jail. If they don’t trust that a police officer can solve an issue fast enough they may try to start a physical fight to get what they want.

But, taking physical action is not where our true power comes from. Our true power is in taking control over our mind. If we can change our beliefs, we can change the way we perceive things, and we can get more aligned (belief-wise) with God-Source. When we see the world as God-Source sees it, we are able to “spiritually hear” from God-Source and make the most beneficial choices.

There are times when physical action is needed and right. We get inspired to react to situations in the moment, and that can be “divine inspiration”. When driving in bad weather, you could be divinely inspired to get off the highway and not end up in a crash. But the true power in these situations is not that you took physical action, but that you were aligned with God-Source enough to get divinely inspired to take that action, in the first place.

Divine Inspiration Gets You What You Want

According to the law of attraction, or even many religious faiths, what you ask/pray for is already given vibrationally.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:7-8

But, of course, in the bible Jesus said you had to keep the commandments of loving others and forgiving people in order to receive those things. (John 15:1-12, Matthew 6:15)

We don’t get everything we ever asked for just because we asked. It is given to us vibrationally just because we asked (Romans 8:26-27), but we can’t receive it until we align with it. That’s why Jesus prays for his followers to become one with God in John 17:21-22.

When we start to see the world as God-Source sees it, we are letting go of our limiting beliefs and growing in faith that all things are possible.


If someone says, “I can get everything I want through the law of attraction,” many people think that’s ridiculous. They’ll ask questions like, “So if you want to fly, you can start flying right now?” Doubters will think of the most crazy thing to want, something that they really don’t believe that they can have to try to prove they’re right in their doubting the law of attraction.

When we speak of what we want in law of attraction, it’s about the pure vibrational feeling, not necessarily the item or person or experience. You can say, I want to fly, but it’s not that you want to fly really, it’s about a desire to feel freedom or to feel the wind in your hair. If you got what you actually wanted, you might start to dream about flying, but could also get it by just driving around with the wind in your hair in an excited or relaxed state of being.

Someone may say, “I want a promotion,” but they don’t actually want a promotion because it means more work. What they really want is more money. You can break that down even more. They don’t really want more money, they want what they think that money can buy. They may simply want more free time (like to go on a vacation). People often spend their lives chasing after what they think they want, only to find out that it doesn’t satisfy them when they get it. I discussed that in a video on the Rat Race of Samsara (the wheel of desire from Buddhism).

What You Desire Is Already Available

In this case, the person would find taking a few days off of work and/or going to a meditation retreat might actually help a lot more than working harder to try to get the promotion that would only result in more work. What they actually want is actually already available to them. You can desire to finally feel relaxed and comfortable, but if you believe the only way for that to happen is through more money, then you will focus on what you consider the means to the end, rather than just skipping to the end and relaxing right now.

How to Get What You Want with Law of Attraction

  1. Break What You Want Down To Bare-bones (find the emotional feeling you desire)
  2. Ask Yourself, “Is there another way to get this feeling?”
  3. Take physical actions to create that feeling in your life, now.
  4. Mental & Spiritual Actions: Ho’oponopono Cleaning / Meditation / Mindfulness / the Maharishi Effect

Break What You Want Down To Bare-bones

First, you should really figure out what you want. As I wrote about above, that process can be more tricky than you would initially think. Continually ask yourself, why do I want this item or person or experience until you get to the feeling that you are actually after.

Let’s say you want gun control laws to be passed. Why? You are afraid of someone shooting you, your family, or other innocent people. Why? Consider why this terrifies you. Often the media is making it out to be a larger problem, actually fueling fears, and, in that case, turning off the news could help to get rid of that fear. If the fear is gone, then you would no longer feel the need to take guns away from other people. This is likely a case of miswanting. What you actually want is to not feel afraid. What do you want? You want to feel peaceful and calm. You want the feeling of peace and feeling protected.

Ask Yourself, “Is there another way to get this feeling?

Next, you ask yourself, “Is there something else I can do that will help me feel this way right now?” You can sit quietly with a pen and paper (or start to write an email to yourself), and allow your mind to think about this question. Try to come up with 5 or more concrete things you can do that would help you to feel that feeling that you desire.

Take physical actions to create that feeling in your life, now.

If you want to feel more peaceful, you may want to start taking yoga, exercise more, or start to meditate. Exercising helps you to release tension so when you’re done exercising you feel more relaxed. Meditation releases samskaras. Old traumatic emotions can get trapped in us when we avoid them out uncomfortableness. So just lying down and letting your mind think (by itself) is actually a very healing experience because it lets those samskaras go. I discussed one of my experiences releasing samskaras in the 2nd podcast episode. When you’ve meditated regularly you will see that your mind clears up a lot more.

When you’re taking physical actions to get the feeling that you desire, you will start to feel more powerful. If you desired to feel powerful, just making a list of things you can do that would make you feel better and then actually doing them will be beneficial. It can be small things, just done regularly, such as listen to a great uplifting song, YouTube video, or podcast each morning. If you take a shower every morning in silence, but change it to singing or listening to music, that one little change isn’t taking any more time, but can change your attitude for the whole day.

Mental & Spiritual Actions

This step is about taking mental actions, rather than physical ones. This is where your true power lies.


Be mindful of your emotions. They tell you if you’re seeing things as God-Source sees them or if you’ve got limiting beliefs. Read Your Believes Can Lead to Freedom or Slavery for more on that.

If you feel scared, angry, or otherwise upset, it’s a good time to take a step back and saying, “God-Source is not feeling this way.” You are always loved, if you’re upset at yourself because you made a mistake, the upset feeling is telling you that God-Source is not seeing you that way. Your negative emotion is proof that you are loved. If you’re feeling afraid and powerless, the negative feeling you’re feeling is proof that you are powerful and safe.

One helpful prayer to God or request of the universe (however you view it) would be to ask, “How do you see this situation?” “How are you viewing this person?” If you ask, you’ll receive an answer when you let it in. If you have faith that there is another way to see this situation/person in a better light than you are right now, you will be able to think of it after asking that question.

You may intellectually understand the way vibrational dissonance works, but the body has to catch up to knowing that. If you’re interested in that idea, you may enjoy listening to Matt Kahn speak on it in his video The End of Inner Conflict. His belief is that we are the spirit guide to the body. This is the body’s journey and we have to let the body go through things at its own pace. I believe the body has to let the samskaras go, and until we do, we will continue to attract things that bring those samskaras up. That means until we let them go, we will continue to be triggered by people, events, and situations.


For the purposes of this article, meditation will be defined as letting your mind flow naturally. Some people think visualizations, such as trying to envision what they want, is meditation. But that technique of visualizing should be used when you’re in a good mood to grow a thought. Meditation is what you should use to release old thoughts that don’t serve you anymore.

When you let your thoughts flow naturally in a peaceful state without rushing the mind to think about what you want to think about, you give your body the time to heal. When you physically exercise you’re causing stress to the body, but you know that you have to take breaks and allow the body to recover. You come back stronger after that recovery period. The mind works the same way, but today people don’t tend to let their mind recover.

When you meditate, those samskaras will come up in your mind, and you don’t have to judge them as bad thoughts. They’re just old thoughts. They’re symbols of limiting beliefs you’re letting go of. You may have thoughts of things you believe you should do. You can write a list with those things and say you’ll work on them later and go back to meditating. It can helpful to get those thoughts out of your mind and out onto paper.

You can think of meditation as letting your mind recover or letting your mind vomit out stuff that doesn’t belong anymore. Either way you’ll feel better knowing it’s not in your mind anymore so they won’t be bothering you in the future.

Ho’oponopono Cleaning

I took Dr. Len’s class to become a Ho’oponopono practitioner. The practice is quite easy. It’s basically just saying or thinking these 4 phrases over and over again.

  1. I love you
  2. I’m sorry
  3. Please forgive me
  4. Thank you

But as Dr, Len says in the course, you don’t even need to say, “I’m sorry,” or “Please forgive me.” You could simply say, “I love you, thank you,” over and over. It’s basically a mantra.

This is an example of how I do it. If I get triggered by an event, in this case let’s say someone lies about me, then I will think, “I love you” (directed at this situation of a lie). And then I’ll think, “I’m sorry,” (directed to myself and/or God-Source). I’m acknowledging this is a good situation that someone lied about me. I believe it’s good because all triggers are great for releasing samskaras and I’m sorry for judging it as bad at first. And then I’ll think, “Please forgive me,” (directed at myself). I know God-Source doesn’t need to forgive me, because God-Source knows all and was never upset in the first place. And then I’ll think, “Thank you,” and again I’m thankful to God-Source that I had this event happen to me because this is excellent healing material. It’s given me an opportunity to heal and release those old samskaras.

How Does It Work?

Quantum Entanglement

I believe this is quantum entanglement at work, personally. I believe we all come from the same source. Christians talk about the body of Christ, who was the second Adam. If we all came from Adam or at others like to say, “Atom,” then we’re all quantumly entangled with each other. Even if you don’t have any faith in religions, but have faith in the Big Bang Theory then you can agree we all came from the same source.

If two things are quantumly entangled, as soon as you perceive one, you know what the other one will be because they are linked together, regardless of how physically far apart they are. Our world is a reflection of our thoughts, our perceptions. We are all in the same world right now, but we’re having drastically different experiences because of our perceptions. If you change your perception you can go from thinking this is “hell on earth” to thinking this life is “heaven on earth.” That world you experience changes because of your perception of the world.

People who you interact with seem to respond to you based on your perceptions because we are entangled. If you perceive someone to be mean, no matter what they do, you will look for ways in which they are mean and you will find them. If you perceive someone to be kind, you will look for ways in which they are kind and find them. There is a lot of projection going on today because people are not dealing with their inner traumas. This is why people can look at someone famous, like Donald Trump, and have drastically different views of them and get triggered a lot. This is the world, or God-Source, showing them how to heal themselves. Most people want to heal their issues to feel better, given enough time.

If you heal yourself, you heal the world

If you change your perceptions from believing that everyone has a bit of evil or sin in them to everyone has a bit of God-Source in them, you’ll find that you live in very different worlds, because your brain will be looking for completely opposite evidence, and your brain is great at finding “proof” for your conclusions.

The world is sort of in an atomic superstate. It’s can be both bad and good (like Schrödinger’s cat can be both alive and dead) until you start to examine it. The world is both good and bad at the same time, and neither at the same time. It’s not until you perceive it, that you choose if it’s good or bad, to you.

We know from studies if you are happier than another, you are more likely to think of new solutions, and more likely to not get sick or have short periods of sickness. People also unconsciously mimic others. If you are happy, and believe others are essentially good at heart, you will perceive that in others as they mimic it back to you. If you want to learn more about the mimicking from a spiritual perspective you can check out the Essene Mirrors video from Gregg Braden.

We definitely have an effect on the world through our thoughts and feelings. This is part of the reason why when you heal yourself, you’ll heal the world you live in.

Getting Back to Zero

Dr. Len discusses the zero state is where God-Source is, what Christians call Heaven, and Dr. Joe Dispenza would call space. Ho’oponopono can help clear old memories (AKA data or samskaras) from your vibration. Dr. Len says that this clears the same memories (or data) that exists in the other people who we are interacting with. In fact he says we don’t even have to interact with them at all in order to heal them. Dr. Hew Len healed an entire ward of mentally ill criminals with Ho’oponopono.

Whatever it is in someone that you find “bad” also (or only) exists in you (in some bare-bones form), or else you wouldn’t even notice it. So as you heal it out of yourself, it is healed from the other person. A lot of people are projecting their own issues onto other people, as I mentioned earlier, to delay having to heal themselves. Because of this they keep attracting what they say they hate. If they cleaned on the issue, took responsibility for it being in them, then they wouldn’t be projecting it out onto others and they would find their world was a lot more friendly than they think it is right now.

The Maharishi Effect

When individuals or groups meditate they “infect” the people around them with peace, regardless if the others are aware or not. You can heal your city, by yourself, simply by meditating. The healing grows when you get more people doing it. When people complain online about how they don’t have as many local friends who get this stuff and they’re upset all their “awake” (but not woke) friends are all over the world, I say, there’s a reason for that. There are meditators sprinkled all throughout the world who help keep a balance.

From What is the Maharishi Effect?The Maharishi Effect says: If 1% of the population regularly practices Transcendental Meditation (TM, special kind of meditation), the overall mood improves for the better. As a result, crime decreases, the quality of life increases and peace spreads.

Meditators form an energy field that can mask the negativity of their surroundings. And since countless studies have also reduced random factors (such as suicides, accidents and emergency calls), the supernatural influence of group meditations has been proven.

Countless studies have proven the Maharishi Effect!

One level higher there is the Super Maharishi Effect. This says: If specially trained TM-Sidhas meditate together at one place, then √1% of the population is enough for the so-called Super Maharishi Effect. This is because their power is increased during group meditations.

For Switzerland, this would mean that 265 TM-Sidhas would already be enough to bring about a strong positive trend. For the whole world “only” 9’000 trained TM-Sidhas would be needed! 9’000 TM-Sidhas for world peace.”

Check out the website link above or search the web for more information on how it’s been proven to work. I believe it does work because we’re all connected (quantumly entangled) to each other.

The Mirror

Gregg Braden has a video called the Seven Essene Mirrors, which I recommend watching to learn more about the law of attraction. So often people look at the world and they judge the world as bad. But the world is really just a mirror of what’s going on inside of your mind and your perceptions.

If you went to the mirror right now and noticed a smudge of dirt on your nose, would you put your finger out in front of you and touch the mirror to try to wipe the dirt off of the nose you see in the mirror? No, you would reach back to yourself and wipe it off of your nose. Then the nose in the mirror would no longer be dirty.

This is why Jesus said, “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:5 We cannot clearly judge the world of it’s cleanliness until we clean ourselves.

Powerlessness Revisited

As I discussed in my article COVID-19 Shines Light on Fear and Powerlessness governments (as an egregore) are feeling powerless. They create more and more laws because they don’t believe people will do these things willingly. Power doesn’t come from physically over-powering someone. Power comes from taking personal responsibility for your thoughts and actions. You can also see my article Taking Personal Responsibility Empowers & Frees You.

There are many things you can do to feel powerful and to enact change in the world. Get aligned with God-Source on any and all subjects. See your power the way God-Source sees it. See how much you can heal the world just by healing yourself. When you are aligned with God-Source on these things and feel good (because you’re aligned and don’t have vibrational dissonance anymore) you will hear (vibrationally) from God-Source and make inspired actions. Those inspired actions will prove that you are powerful.

Many say, “I’ll believe it when I see it,” but, in reality, you will see it when you believe it.

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