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The Body (and The World) Was Designed To Heal Itself

When you start to show symptoms of a disease, such as having to blow your nose a lot or sneezing, you can either reject it or accept it. Many people reject symptoms and, in so doing, have negative emotions when the symptoms appear.

Your Beliefs Create Your Emotions

The ABCs of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy show that when an activating event occurs (symptoms in this case) it is your belief about it that causes the corresponding emotional consequence. Basically, if you believed symptoms are good, and you started to have them, then you would be happy. And if you believed they were bad, then you would be unhappy. That should make perfect sense. So to be happy when you see symptoms appearing, you have to believe that symptoms are a good thing.

Image taken from Kain Ramsey’s CBT course on Udemy

Symptoms Are Signs of Healing

It may be easy to understand the logic that you would be happy if you believed something was good, and unhappy if you believe it’s bad. But to actually consider symptoms of a disease as a good thing may be a bit more difficult. But it’s completely doable. In the following video, I discuss disease from a law of attraction standpoint. I also discuss the German New Medicine theory that every disease starts because of trauma.

The idea from the video is that when we label activating events as “bad” then we suffer the negative feelings that are a vibrational dissonance between us and God-Source. God-Source knows that everything that happens is very good. So as soon as we have a belief that says something went wrong, then we feel a different vibration than what God-Source is feeling. That vibrational dissonance creates disease in the body.

The difference between the general thought on diseases and German New Medicine (GNM) is that by the time the body is expressing symptoms, in GNM it means that the body is already healing. The symptoms are because the body is healing. The body is ridding itself of, now, unnecessary cells, and repairing the other cells. If you get a paper cut, the body immediately goes to work congealing the blood. If there is a cut inside of your body, it goes to work trying to heal it the best way possible, immediately. The body was expertly designed to heal itself.

Different bodies have different ways of healing because some people have more resistance than others. Some people get parasites because parasites help to contain heavy metal toxins. So the less heavy metal in a body, the fewer parasites. But the parasites were helping the body not be damaged by the heavy metals. These parasites are holding toxins at bay from the body. There’s a purpose for them. There’s a purpose for everything that happens in the body because it was designed to heal itself.

If you can see that having symptoms means the body is working to heal you, and you can get out of the way and let it heal, rather than resist it, then you will heal much faster. In fact, Dr. Lissa Rankin says, “The body’s natural self-repair mechanisms only fully function when the nervous system is in relaxation response.” When are you in relaxation mode? When you are non-resistant.

If you resist it by complaining, you will take longer to heal. Why? As Dr. Rankin says the body isn’t allowed to fully heal when it’s not in relaxation mode. But, also, because of the law of attraction, what you resist persists. Resisting blowing your nose a lot doesn’t mean you don’t do it, it means you complain about it or get grumpy. As you’re resisting it, you are focusing thoughts on this thing that you do not like. The law of attraction brings more of whatever you are focusing on and whatever you are feeling to you. If you’re a complainer, you’ll find more things to complain about, even if you get over a disease.

Resistance to Symptoms Increases Dis-Ease

Today a lot of people are addicted to complaining (which is just resistance to life). You can check to see how addicted you are to it if you make it a goal to go one day without complaining or being upset with anything. Maybe try to leave a comment about your experience if you do this experiment!

So we know that what you resist persists. If you resist a symptom then it means you are being ungrateful for the healing that your body is doing for you. This causes a vibrational dissonance between you and God-Source (because God-Source is always grateful that the body is self-healing). So the reason you get sick is that you were not seeing through the eyes of God-Source, and when you continue to complain you continue to stay apart from God-Source on the subject, which creates the vibrational dissonance that is negative feelings which leads to disease!

Resistance is always a pushing away of an event, person, place, thing, or idea. Since God-Source is inside of every event, person, place, thing, or idea, it’s going to create dissonance between you and God-Source. Dissonance always feels bad. The perfect way to know what God-Source is feeling about something is to check how you feel when you think a thought. If you think a thought, “I’m so stupid,” it will feel bad because God-Source is never judging people as stupid and knows that inside of you is an incredibly intelligent spirit. If you start to move up the emotional scale and think, “Well, I was really smart when I came up with that idea,” you feel better. You feel better because you’re closing the gap between how you feel and how God-Source feels on that subject (of you). God-Source is never going to judge you as “bad,” so that’s why it feels really bad when you do.

What About The Evil In the World?

Now someone might think, but what about the real evil in the world? Oftentimes they pick a rapist, pedophile, or Hitler. The thing is from our limited perspective it seems evil like no good can come from it. From God-Source’s higher perspective that understands and knows all, there’s an understanding of why people do what they do. Pedophiles, for example, are usually people who have been sexually abused when they were children. You can bet that if a person is hurting another person it’s because they’ve been hurt themselves. According to the law of attraction, these people are asking for healing and their inner being loves everyone. Everything they’ve been asking for is available in the vortex (or heavenly treasures). It’s a done deal. For every black (evil) there is an opposite white (heavenly) that is already available vibrationally speaking, and we, the people of the world, just have to catch up with it. From a long-range viewpoint, God-Source knows all the wonderful things that come out of the contrast.

NOTE: This is not to say those bad things aren’t bad. This is not condoning evil. The body has a use for good things and it is meant to evacuate the bad. So, for example, we as a human race are meant to get rid of pedophilia, sexual abuse, terrorists, etc., just like the body gets a fever to get rid of an infection.

A cow eats grass and whatever is on the grass. Its body takes in what is nutritional and converts it to energy, and takes what is not needed and converts it to manure. The manure becomes fertilizer which allows things, like the grass, to grow.

We as spiritual beings take in life, and we convert the good, but we oftentimes resist dealing with the bad and keep it locked inside of us until one day we, or our child (or reincarnated life), detoxes from it. In the movie Rewind (Available for Amazon Prime) a man recollects his childhood sexual abuse at the hands of his uncles, who also sexually abused his father when he was a child. After detoxing from it, good came from the fertilizer. Now there are new programs in place to help child victims. We don’t even know how much good came from it because we can not see that long into the future. God sees the long plan generations into the future and we cannot see from that expanded viewpoint.

When they are not resisting the “negative”, people turn those experiences that they’d call “bad” into positives every day. Letting go of resistance to the contrast allows the positive results from the vortex/heaven/vibrational world into our physical world. Sometimes we do it quickly, and sometimes it takes generations or millenniums.

We call things that are evil “bad” in this 3D world. I’m simply saying from the long-range, higher perspective of God-Source those “bad” things turn into good things (when you can see all of eternity) in the 5th dimension or higher.

We Are the World

In our body, we have cells that work together but are completely different. We have body parts that are completely opposite of each other. We have a left hand and a right hand which mirror each other. We have two eyes that work together and team up with the brain to let us see outside of our bodies. To the individual cells in our body, we are a universe.

When you fast, the body starts to “eat” the damaged cells first (autophagy) because it knows how to best keep homeostasis. Now, to that damaged cell that is going to be “eaten,” if it could think, it might think that this is the end of the world. But it doesn’t just disappear, it gets transformed. The body becomes healthier as the unhealthy bits are transformed into healthy bits. Just like the world.

To understand the outside world, it helps to understand the inside world. We live in a fractal universe. As it looks in the microcosm, it looks in the macrocosm. For the people who see symptoms of a disease as “bad”, it’s no wonder they would see symptoms in the macrocosm as “bad” also.

But if you can see symptoms of a disease as the body healing itself, then you can look out at the outside world and see symptoms of a social nature as God-Source healing the universe. When you see people picking fights with each other, when people are starving, there is a higher reason for everything that we can’t always see.

People fast from time to time to regain health, and it doesn’t always look healthy when they’re doing it. But they swear by it because they do regain their health after the fast. Animals know this instinctively and will just stop eating when they don’t feel well. Because fasting is healthy. But when a child doesn’t feel like eating while sick, sometimes the parent resists and tries to force the child to eat something. That’s an example of the resistance to the natural order of the world that humans have. Animals have less resistance than we do.

The World Was Designed To Heal Itself

The universe, on a higher level than we can imagine, is always taking care of itself, just like the body is always doing its best to heal itself whenever an injury occurs. We don’t always see the higher perspective to know how something is for the best, and how it is actually healthy. But if you can understand or at the very least trust in this fact, then you would not resist things the way that other people do.

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