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Cleaning the World: What Can I Do?

“One who is in alignment with Source is more powerful than millions who are not. “ Abraham-Hicks Powerlessness vs True Power Feeling Powerless As I’ve spoken about in my second podcast episode, if you focus on what you have physical control over, you feel powerful. But when you focus on what you cannot physically control, you feel powerless. The reason people who are afraid of getting COVID-19 are so terrified that others are not wearing masks (or that states are dropping the mask mandates) is because they feel they have no physical control over those people or their own health. They attempt to control others through mandates, laws, and physical altercations because of the feeling of powerlessness and wanting to feel like they have power again. Someone who feels powerless will always try to figure out a way to feel powerful again. In a terrifying situation, people will usually fight, flee, freeze, or fawn. Even the fawn response (to become a people-pleaser) is an attempt to gain power over another, just through very different means than… Read More »Cleaning the World: What Can I Do?

Taking Personal Responsibility Empowers & Frees You

Taking Personal Responsibility Empowers & Frees You

2020 has been the perfect year for hindsight concerning the effects of either taking personal responsibility or blame shifting / scapegoating. When you believe there is something “bad” happening in your personal reality and it is someone else’s fault rather than your own, you are shifting the blame from you onto someone else. This is also called scapegoating. Scapegoating is the practice of singling out a person or group for unmerited blame and consequent negative treatment. Of course, people will say (and truly believe) the blame is merited when they’re doing it. I’m sure you’ve done this, because, even though I’m very aware of it, at times, I also fall into this old, engrained, habit. Blame Shifting / Scapegoating Makes You Feel Powerless If you take personal responsibility, then you feel free and empowered. However, if you place the blame for something onto another, then you feel like a slave to that other. 2020 has given us many examples of how people have felt enslaved. One example is the mask rage or fear that sometimes… Read More »Taking Personal Responsibility Empowers & Frees You

Your Beliefs Can Lead To Freedom Or Slavery

Your Beliefs Can Lead To Freedom or Slavery

Where is freedom born and bred, in the heart or in the head? Many people today are responding to life through their emotions. Something will happen, they will have an emotion, and off they go responding to the emotion because they feel like they are powerless and life just happens to them. For instance, a woman recently tweeted: “I saw a child wearing a ‘Trump 2020’ mask at school today and I wanted to literally burn him alive.” There was an activating event or action (A), in this case it was that she saw a child wearing a specific mask, and then there was a consequence (C) where she wanted to burn him alive because of a negative emotion she was feeling. When you read that tweet you may have seen that tweet as an (A) activating event or action that took place, and had a (C) consequence of a negative emotion yourself. The reason for the negative emotional response is because of the (B) belief that the person has about the (A) activating event/action.… Read More »Your Beliefs Can Lead To Freedom or Slavery

The Body (and The World) Was Designed To Heal Itself

When you start to show symptoms of a disease, such as having to blow your nose a lot or sneezing, you can either reject it or accept it. Many people reject symptoms and, in so doing, have negative emotions when the symptoms appear. Your Beliefs Create Your Emotions The ABCs of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy show that when an activating event occurs (symptoms in this case) it is your belief about it that causes the corresponding emotional consequence. Basically, if you believed symptoms are good, and you started to have them, then you would be happy. And if you believed they’re bad, then you would be unhappy. That should make perfect sense. So in order to be happy when you see symptoms appearing, you have to believe that symptoms are a good thing. Symptoms Are Signs of Healing It may be easy to understand the logic that you would be happy if you believed something was good, and unhappy if it’s bad. But to actually consider symptoms of a disease as a good thing may be… Read More »The Body (and The World) Was Designed To Heal Itself

Racism is stupid dogs aren't racist

Black Lives Matter & The Victim Mentality

The topic of this article is firstly focused on the victim mentality (which is detrimental). It looks secondly at how to take back your power. The social topic of the day (June 2, 2020 #BlackOutTuesday) is Black Lives Matter, so, thirdly, I will discuss racism and how to get rid of it.  Law of Attraction This article is going to focus on the law of attraction because that is the topic of this website. If you’ve never heard of the law of attraction or don’t understand it, it is a view of life that basically says what you’re feeling and thinking about will continue to show up in your life. If you’re feeling optimistic about something and expecting it to happen, it will appear in your life in some form. The placebo effect shows that this is the case. If you’re feeling pessimistic and expecting negative things to happen, you will likely get what you’re expecting in some form. This is why when you’re in a bad mood you drop things or trip and when… Read More »Black Lives Matter & The Victim Mentality

COVID-19 Shines Light on Fear And Powerlessness

COVID-19 Shines Light on Fear and Powerlessness

Every day in our lives we run into people, places, things, or events that shine a light on where we feel fear or a lack of control or power. Those situations tend to be very personal. Other people are often not feeling the same way as you do to the same events. But, in 2020 we have had a major event occur that has caused many of us to go through the same emotional triggers. Some people are facing their fears alone when they come up. Some are facing them with others. However, we usually hear on the news about those who are not facing their fears at all. Two Sides of the Same Coin Are you afraid of people who refuse to get vaccinated or wear masks? Are you afraid of the government mandating that you get vaccinated or wear a mask? If not, do you know people who are? I think most of would say yes to one of those questions. Did you know that these two groups of people are on the… Read More »COVID-19 Shines Light on Fear and Powerlessness